The Kyoto Brighton Hotel is located near the quietness and tranquility of Kyoto Imperial Palace

1:53 AM, Saturday, Jan 20th 2018

Japanese Restaurant : Hotaru

Dining in KyotoDining in KyotoDining in Kyoto

Breakfast: 7:00am~10:00am
Lunch: 11:30am~2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm~9:00pm

Hotaru serves Kaiseki cuisine, a multi-course meal, or a la carte dishes with the best ingredients of the season aimed to enhance each flavor with chef's art of presentation.

Kyoto is renown for elaborate Kaiseki cuisine, which is a full course formal meal with each delicacy using ingredients of the season. Kaiseki usually includes something raw, simmered, fried, deep fried but with many small dishes in between to enhance your appetite and cleanse your palate.A la carte is available for those with smaller appetites, to enjoy gourmet ingredients.

Local sake breweries present sake tasting sets to taste different sake of your choice in small glasses. Sake come in dry, sweet or mild tastes to match the food you are enjoying.

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