The Kyoto Brighton Hotel is located near the quietness and tranquility of Kyoto Imperial Palace

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Nearby Attractions


Kyoto Imperial Palace
Located in the centre of Kyoto Imperial Park. All of the present structures were rebuilt in Heian period architectural style in about 1855 after the earlier buildings were destroyed by fire. Reservations are necessary.

    Access from hotel : 5 minutes walk

Nijo Castle

Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu built Nijo Castle in 1603. Within the secondary compound of the castle is Ninomaru Palace (a National Treasure),which comprises six buildings. Illustrations on the inner sliding doors are attributed to painters of the Kano school. In December 1994 the Castle was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site.

    Access from hotel : 5 minutes by taxi, or 20 minutes walk

Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion)

Now affiliated with the Shokokuji school of the Rinzai sect, this temple was originally built in 1397 as a country villa for Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the 3rd shogun of the Muromachi period (1358~1408). His son had the villa converted into a temple named Rokuonji. In December 1994 the temple was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site.

    Access from hotel : 10 minutes by taxi

Ryoanji Temple

Originally a villa of the Tokudaiji family, it was made a Zen temple by Hosokawa Katsumoto in 1450.  The famous rock garden is known as a Historic Site and Special Place of Scenic Beauty, and in December 1994, this simple yet profound garden of 15 rocks set on white gravel was listed as a World Heritage site.

    Access from hotel : 15 minutes by taxi

Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavilion)

The temple was originally built as a villa in 1482 by shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa in the Muromachi period (1331~1573) but later converted to a temple. The pavilion, a 2-story structure with a pyramidal roof, was constructed in 1489 and is considered a National Treasure. The lower garden with its impressive sand mounds is a Place of Special Scenic Beauty and a Special Historic Site. In 1994 Ginkakuji Temple was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site.

    Access from hotel :  15 minutes by taxi 



Kyoto International Manga Museum
Take the Hotel shuttle bus to subway Karasuma Oike station. The Museum is located only a one-minute walk away.

    Access from hotel : 8 minutes by taxi

Raku Museum

Generations of the Raku family expressed their creativity and originality through the art of pottery, in particular with tea bowls.

    Access from hotel : 5 minutes walk

The Nishijin Textile Center

A modern style building where demonstrations and exhibition are held about the traditional Nishijin textile industry.
    Access from hotel : 5 minutes walk



Kyoto International Conference Center
    Access from hotel : 20 minutes by taxi
    Alternatively, you can take the Hotel shuttle bus to Karasuma Oike subway station (8 mins), take the Karasuma
    Line to Koskusaikaikan (7 stops, 14 mins).  

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